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1 Create an Advisor Profile select a Career Track emphasis

Complete a 2 minute signup, then add personal and professional achievements and educational background. Import from LinkedIn option available.

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1 Pick your Cause and Ask Others to Dedicate their Revenue to it.

Those who agree to be your Campaign Partners will dedicate all of the revenue they earn to your Cause. Select other Advisors from the existing STK database who seem to fit the profile of

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3 Market your Cause. Raise Money!

If you have Advisors who are Doctors, Hospital Administrators and Nurses, email students at local Med schools who may want to pay to meet them.   If it’s a wide mix of professions,

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Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain: Learn from Domain Experts (Beta Site: Not Live- Requesting Adviser Support)

Alt-Currency Coaches: Dollars raised go to launch SuccessTrek

The dollars that go to this campaign are dedicated towards the launch of SuccessTrek, a revenue generating platform based upon assisting people in finding the professional and career advice they seek.

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Ted Alexander

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No Meetings and Courses on this Campaign but you can still find Meetings and Courses.
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Bitcoin, Ethereum Blockchain Campaign is proud to present
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